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The Book Specialist has been rebranded to Landmark Editorial. For developmental editing, copy-editing and proofreading services, visit the new website at

On the new website you’ll find:

  • Background on editor and writer Charlie Wilson.
  • A range of book editorial services for authors and publishers.
  • Business copy-editing and proofreading services for organisations.
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The following sections give you more of a picture of Landmark Editorial. Please visit the Landmark Editorial website for full details.

About Landmark Editorial

Landmark Editorial provides editorial services in two sectors:

  • Publishing: Developmental editing, copy-editing and proofreading books for authors and publishers.
  • Business: Copy-editing and proofreading all kinds of written materials for organisations.

At the helm is me, Charlie Wilson – a professional editor and proofreader.

Since I began freelancing in 2005, I’ve worked on more than 1,000 books and all kinds of other written materials. I’ve edited and/or proofread for publishers like John Wiley & Sons (the For Dummies brand); for government bodies like the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator; for charities like FARM-Africa; for educational institutions like the University of Brighton; for organisations like the Imperial War Museums; and for companies like Associated British Ports.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say about working with me:

‘I always enjoy working with Charlie because I can count on her considered and incisive editing skills to improve whatever I send her way. Independent yet collaborative, reliable and dedicated, Charlie is an editor of the highest calibre.’ – Rachael Chilvers, Special Projects Coordinator (For Dummies), John Wiley & Sons

‘Charlie was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her professionalism, expertise and advice were invaluable on what was a difficult project and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!’ – Caitlin Flynn, Publishing Officer, Imperial War Museums

‘Charlie’s editorial services are first rate. Honest and helpful. Always logical. Always constructive. If you’re a writer and you’re looking for an unbiased appraisal of your work, look no further.’ – Neil Spring, bestselling author of The Ghost Hunters, The Watchers and The Lost Village (Quercus)

Services overview

Here’s a simple overview of Landmark Editorial services:

Service Overview
Book critique Assessing potential and developmental work required
Developmental editing Developing all aspects of a book
Copy-editing Polishing language
Proofreading Ensuring accuracy and consistency in language

The following sections outline each service in turn.

Proofreading service

ProofreadingProofreading gives you peace of mind that your text is at a publishable standard, without any howlers that will leave you red-faced.

A proofreader checks written material for inconsistencies and errors in punctuation, spelling and grammar. So when I proofread, I’ll correct a typo, move a misplaced apostrophe, adjust a verb that’s in the wrong tense, and impose a consistent style in areas such as capitalisation and the use of numbers.

It’s worth noting that my job as a proofreader is to ensure consistency and accuracy in the language only, not to improve the writing style. If you’d like more support in polishing your language, you need my copy-editing service (see the following section).

Visit the Landmark Editorial website for more information about my book proofreading and business proofreading services.

Copy-editing service

copy-editingA copy editor carries out the same checks as a proofreader, but goes a step further and works to improve the writing.

Another name for copy-editing is language editing, because the copy editor focuses on language rather than content. When I copy-edit, I look at aspects of the language like vocabulary, logical flow, clarity, and sentence and paragraph structuring. My job is to ensure the text makes sense and reads well.

Depending on the client’s preference, the copy edit can be light, moderate or intensive.

Visit the Landmark Editorial website for more information about my book copy-editing and business copy-editing services.

Developmental editing service

Developmental editingDevelopmental editing is at the top of the editorial tree. This level of editing goes beyond the language-based approach of copy-editing (see above) and looks at the bigger picture of the book – at elements such as structure and pace and characterisation, for example.

For this edit, I work through the book line by line, looking at how it can be developed. Depending on the client’s preference, I may pitch in and make developmental changes myself, or I may guide the author to develop the book through detailed queries and suggestions. Either way, developmental editing is a rigorous service that really challenges the author to improve the book.

Visit the Landmark Editorial website for more information about my book developmental editing service.

Book critique service

Book critiqueWriting a book is the fun bit – working out whether it’s any good is far harder. A second opinion from an experienced editor can help you see what’s working and what needs work in your book.

A critique is not about giving the author insincere praise to flatter the ego. Nor is it a vehicle for callous criticism. My book critiques are honest, diplomatic and constructive.

I offer two levels of book critique:

  • Comprehensive book critique: An appraisal of your book, looking at key elements like title, genre, length, structure, content/plot, characterisation, setting, style, marketability and suitability for publication.
  • Budget book critique: I look at the synopsis and first 10,000 words of your book and give you an honest, in-a-nutshell opinion on whether the book’s got legs (and if so, where those legs may take it).

Visit the Landmark Editorial website for more information about my book critique service.